Gone were the days when business was business. Today there can be no worthwhile business without social contacts. Business succeeds better through social contacts than merely a process of giving and taking, earning and spending, buying and selling.
Here is a typical letter
Dear sir

Here is a good opportunity to sell your winter Beauty Footwear through the Beauty Competition exhibition we are holding in the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru among the children on November 14th at Taj Intercontinental, Bombay.
So please have a stall reserved for Rs. 5000 only.

Yours faithfully,

Social letters are fundamentally different from business letters. While sentimentality plays no part in business letters. It is the characteristic of a social letter. If your letter does not carry your sentiment to your relation or friend, it carries nothing.

Nobody is under obligation to read your letters. Unless they are interesting and unless they have some sentimental value, they would bot invoke the proper response.

As in business letters, we usually close with 'yours truly', in social letters we change the close according to our relation with the addressee. When writing to blood relations the usual form is 'yours affectionatel' when to friends it is 'yours sincerely' and to strangers 'yours trul'. But any word of endearment would do while writing to relations and friends.

Salutation also changes form. You address the elders as 'My dear Father or Uncle', the younger ones you address as 'Dear Sathish or Shashi'. Strangers are addressed as Dear Mr. Khanna or Dear Miss Bhatia'.

There are certain formal letters which are written in a stereotyped form.

While one enjoys a good deal of freedom in personal letters, he has equally to employ restraint. One word indiscreetly written may cost you the affection of the person you are writing to. It is a tragic fact that once a misunderstanding is created between two friends or two relations' it is very difficult to remove it. You should, therefore, be very cautious in the use of words. The model letters given in this book will provide you guidance where you are in difficulty.

Formal Wedding Invitation
Mrs. And Mr. Radharaman
Request the pleasure of
Mrs. And Mr. Kamal Kant's
Company at the marriage of their son
Daughter of
Late Rai Bahadur Janma Das
Monday, the fifth of January
At four o'clock
At 3 RTC X Road, Hyderabad.

Formal Acceptance

Mrs. And Mr. Kamal Kant
Accept with pleasure
Mrs. And Mr. Radharaman's
Kind invitation to be present at
The wedding of their son
Monday, the fifth of January
At four o'clock
At 3, RTC X Road,

Reply Expressing Inability to Attend (Formal)

Mrs. and Mr. Kamal Kant regret their inability to attend marriage ceremony of Sudhir.
Mrs. And Mr. Kamal Kant thanks Mrs. And Mr. Radharaman for their invitation to the wedding of their son on Jan. 5, but regret their inability to attend owing to a previous engagement.
2,RTC x Road
Formal Invitation to Dinner
Mr. And Mrs. Shyam Lal Rajak requests the pleasure of Mr. And Mrs. Jaffar's company at dinner on Wednesday; the 23rd of June 19 at half past eight.
Saturday, June 23.
Kamal Art Dyres Cleaners,
The Mall,

Reply Accepting

Mr. And Mrs. Jaffar will be glad to have the honor of dining with Mr. And Mrs. Rajak on Wednesday; the 23rd of 1977. At half past eight.
Jaffar Building,
Sunday, June 20.
Formal Invitation to Tea Party
Mr. And Mrs. Velji present their compliments to Mr. & Mrs. Sharma and request the pleasure of their company at tea on Friday March 12, at half past four.
2, Mahal Chowk,
Wednesday, March 10, 2000

Reply Accepting

Mr. And Mrs. Sharma accepts with much pleasure the kind invitation to tea on Friday, March 12. At half past four.
12, Sardar Street,
Thursday, March 11, 2000

Replying to Above with a proviso

Mr. Sharma has much pleasure in accepting Mr. and Mrs. Velji's king invitation to tea on Friday, March 12 at half past four. Mrs. Sharma regrets that she will be unable to accompany him, as she is unfortunately, engaged for that evening.
12, Sardar Street,
Thursday, March 11, 1977
Asking Someone to Meet You
Dear Mr.xxxxx
Would you please make it convenient to meet Shri K. S. Duggal in his office on Thursday, the 28th October, 1977at 3.00P.M?
Your sincerely
C. L Wattel
Please note Mr.shah will be in delhi from 31-3-99 for few days. He can be contacted on c/o Phone no.322822, he shall be pleased to meet you and pall som tim in your company.
Thank yoou,
Yours Faithfully,
for willco Publishing House
Dear Mr.R
I hope you are all right now. I phoned you twice today, but nobody responded. May be there is some mechanical defect and the bell is silent at your end.

Please make it convenient to call at our office on Thursday, June 9, at 10.30 a.m. Your help is needed in taking out some Yoga photographs. Also, collect your cheque.
With kind regards,
Yours Sincerely,
From Mother to Daughter
Dearst Lata,
It is not a fortnight when your left here, but it seems you have been separated from us for years. Everything appears dull and dreary. Dad misses you particularly, especially at the Dinner table. The little jokes he used to make with you are now stories we tell. I never missed anybody before like this.

However, this should not make you sad or homesick. We are old folk and like pleasant things to stay in our life. We are happy that you have gone to realize what has need Dad's ambition about you. In fact, we shall all be proud of your attainment. I have seen a little bit of College life and believe that you would not miss us much. At least it would not be for long that you will feel homesick. College life provides diversions which you are away from home.

You sent me only a few lines as you reached there and nothing after that, I suppose you have been rather too bust. You may not write a very long litter. Drop a post-card telling us you are well.

Kitty feels your absence too. Anything Dad brings, she would say, “this is for me, what is for Lily, sister?” She takes pretty good care of your things here and would not let anybody meddle with them. She is always anxious to water your little garden, as she calls it, lest the plants should wither.

You might be needing lots of things there. Never be in need. Write to me directly. I suppose I can manage to let you have them.

We sent you our love.
Daughter to Mother
July 22 1991
Dearest Mother
It seems pretty strange that I did not write to you all this fortnight. Life here is so busy and occupied that you hardly think of anything else. I always wished to write you a long and sweet letter, how things are here and who and how are my new friends. All this was in my mind but time flitted fast. I shall make it a point to write you oftener.

It did not imagine how life would be here. Whatever I heard of it is not here at all. I have been very busy indeed, but I have not been happy. Sure enough, it was homesickness. Something was always twitching at my heart. Tears would often rush to the eyes and it was with some effort that I restrained them. It is not quite so now, though I still feel uneasy sometimes. You and Dad and Kitty are always in my mind.

Manju met me immediately I came here. She is the same sweet little thing, not grown an inch after that. But she has got a little chubby, just like Auntie, a bit. She is dreadfully naughty and has made many friends already. She will help me to ne sociable. Here, one cannot keep a loaf at all. Life is such.

There is so much to be told, Mummy. Wish I could write out everything just now, but there are lots to be done and I have to close this letter. I got a very nice picture card for Kitty which I am sending. I send her a thousand kisses. I dream of her every night.

Could you send a pair of bangles, the like you got for me? Jane wants it. Jane is a very lovely girl. You would love her when you see her.

Dad is often the subject of my talk with girls. He is rare Dad and you too are rare, Mummy.
Your Loving Daughter
Brother to Brother
Dear viren
I have not yet been reconciled to tour going away without meeting me. The feeling grew on me particularly yesterday as we were celebrating your birthday. From the point of view of numbers the party was unique. So many friends and relatives gather only on weddings.

Mummy was greatly excited and so was Aunt Chameli. There was an irritation in there manner which they tried to turn into humor. They were anxious to put up a very nice show but it was almost a wedding without the bridegroom.

There was some talk about your engagement. Rather, many people who called had sought it is an occasion to approach Dad about you. You never discussed the matter seriously with me or anybody else in the family, so all of us had feeling of uneasiness when the subject was broached. Such enough, you would have it now as soon as you come back and it would be quite proper if enough time is allowed for selection.

Viren, dear, life is not a bed of roses. While we are young and irresponsible, we feel that charm would continue throughout life, but soon the glamour of even the brightest things faces q way and then one looks dull and drab. Marriage is not the goal of life but it is a halfway house to happiness. You get settled and can look to something definite. Father would be greatly pleased, if you could intimate to him your views on the subject. I wouldn’t refer to the proposals here, lest you should think we are already prejudiced. The first as well as the final choice will be yours.

Jimmy is as gay as you left him and Vinu is surprised that he does not miss you. You are always the subject of talk at the table. I hope you would send me a detailed letter about your studies.
Yours Lovingly,

Reply to Above

My Dear Brother,
Your charming letter put me in very good humor. I was feeling very lonely here. For the first time I have realized what it is to celebrate a birthday at home.

I shall soon write to you a detailed letter about my life here. I have not liked it particularly, though people at home might find some interest on account of it superficial pleasures leave a bad taste in the mouth and lethargy overpowers the mind. I do not know whether I have had a surfeit of life, but I am not particularly interested in marriage just at the moment. I may assure you that I would do nothing in this direction without explicit advice of Daddy.

You will soon be receiving a parcel of New Year’s gifts for kiddies. I have labeled them for different recipients and I hope you will manage to pass them on with some ceremony. There is a special doll for Vinu and a badge for Jimmy.

The landlady here is very kind and reminds me of the tender care mother bestowed on me.
Your affctionately
Father to Son
3, Kali Bari Street,
September 14, 1977
Dear Kiren
You should have received the money-order I sent you some days ago. It was more than you would need: for I think you should have some surplus money with you in case of urgent need. Try to spend it properly. That would be an education for you.

S Suniti brought some very fine wool from Calcutta and is fondly knitting a pullover for you. Mummy is knitting socks. Each is anxious to dispatch her gift first, but you know that Suniti will win; for Shashi leaves little time to mother for knitting. Quite often she undoes what mother knit in the morning.

Write to me often, for you are new to the place and may have some difficulty. So not bother about anything. Write frankly. For immediate reference you may talk to Prof. Ghosh who is my personal friend and would do everything to see you happy. Ramu was down with cough and cold for some days. Now he alright. Mother is greatly worried about your health.
YOu lovingly Father,

Reply to Above

Dear Father
I received the money order before your letter. I could not write to you for want of time. The subjects I have taken up are new and the occasional tests taken here keep the students very busy.

You are a very good Daddy to think so much of me. I have opened an account here in the Savings Bank and shall ne withdrawing money week by week. The expenses are not much and I hope I shall pull through with the money for the remaining term.

I do have some need of woolens and shall be delighted to see the fine thing Suniti has brought. I have a good number of socks and even if Mummy does not finish early, it does not matter.

Prof. Ghosh is very kind and often asks of my welfare. But I have no trouble here and I feel quite at home. There are very good mess arrangements and physical exercise is compulsory. You will be pleased to know that I am putting on considerable weight.
Love to Ramu and to you all.
You loving Kiren.
Sister to Sister
5, Rang Mahal,
October 21, 1977
Dear Kanta,
As I made up my mind to write to you. I felt I should send something along. I could hit upon nothing better than Tagore’s Home and they would. I read it in t in my Third Year and the impression it left in my mind is still fresh. I feel every young lady should read this book.

I, however, fear lest you should be too busy with your lessons and this should unnecessarily distract your attention. If it be so, lay it a side and read at leisure.

Mummy is out on her usual pilgrimage and I am mending the house in her absence. Krishna always says he would write to you, but depend upon it he never will. Such are these brothers. He sends his love.

How is Miss Grant? Remember me to her. She is a very affectionate lady and is always willing to help. Never hesitate to approach her for advice.
Yours affectionately,
Your Santi

Reply to Above

Chhala Kuti,
October 27, 1977
Dear sister,
How grateful I am to you for affectionate letter and the charming book. I sat down to read it as soon as I got it; for luckily it was a Saturday when I received it. The book is really marvelous. I have read something of Tagore already, but in this book he is at his best. It is such a fine study of human character. The book is in great demand among my friends.

Miss Grant is now Mrs. Jackson and has left the institution. She might be sailing for England soon. She remembers you with good feelings. I feel sorry that I would miss such a gentle company. I have procured a small and lovely image of Lord Krishna for Mummy. I cannot take the risk of sending it by post. She shall have to wait till I come back home.

Krishna is always on my mind and I love him for his waywardness. I am knitting a sweater for him which I shall send if he writes to me. Tell him that.
Yours Lovingly


Principal and Sardine Guardia Singh Dillon
Request the pleasure of your company
On the occasion of the wedding of their daughter

Son of Major & sardine Avatar Singh
On Sunday the 24th October, 1977
At their residence C-9 Greater Kailas Enclave-1,
New Delhi-110048


Major &Mrs. Jodh Singh
Friday, 18th March 1977
request the pleasure of your company
Bhog Shri Akhand Path 8 -00 a. m.
on the auspicious occasion of the .to 10-00a.m.Marriage of their daughter

Birinder Kaur
Apinder Singh

Saturday, 19th March 1977
Ladies Sangeet 8-00 p.m.
(S/o Lt. Col. &Mrs. Puran Singh)
At their residence
L-6, Lajpat Nagar-3 New Delhi-
As per programme

Sunday, 20th March 1977
Reception of Barat 9.00a.m.
Anand Karaj 10-00a.m : To 11-30a.m
Doli : 2-30p.m.

with best Compliments From:All Relatives & Friends
R. S. V. P :
L-6 Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi -110024
Tel : 6 2 3 4 1 5
Agenda Notice
The residents of Block V, Rajouri Garden are hereby informed that a General Body Meeting shall be held on 19th instant in the park facing House No.299 at A.M. To transact the following agenda:-


  • To consider the proposal to invite newly elected members for Metropolitan Council and Municipal Corporation in a get together.
  • Annual Elections.
  • Any other item with permission of the Chair.
All are requested to attend.
C.L. Garg
(Hony. Secy)
Condolence Ceremony
With profound grief it is to inform you that my respected mother Smt. Inder kaur (w/o Late for Giani Sadhu Singh, Head Master, and Khalsa High School Quetta) left for heavenly abode on 10-3-77 Thurs day. Bhog Sri Akhand Path Kirtan Ardas will take place on Thursday the 17th March 77 at 3 P.M. to 5P. M at my residence 106, Partap Chowk near Shopping Centre, Delhi Cantt.
Major Harbans Singh Mihar.
Opinions & Comments
Dear Mr. Mnderjit Singh,
I am writing to thank you for receiving Comex 7 so well yesterday and to express our appreciation for your contribution to the Comex Fund for the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Program me. We enjoyed Ourselves very much indeed and were delighted to meet you the staff and the boys and girls of the G.
H. P. S.
Yours Sincerely.
(Sd) Lionel Gregory
Commonwealth Expedition
110, Old Brampton Road
London S W 7.
I am extremely pleased to meet the happy lot of teachers. Wish them best of luck and happiness.
Mrs. Ved Bhasin
I am happy to see the all round progress of the school. Convey my best wishes for the same.
Mr. K. S. Bhandari
Dy. Director of Education (Sc.)
Inability to Cash a Cheque
Harcharan Kaur Bright Institute,
5005, Roshanara Road,
June 28, 1977
Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,
Thanks for your letter of 10-5-77 and your cheque No. 820420 dated 10-5-77 for Rs. 5-only. The cheque is returned here with because the cashing bank demands Rs. 4 by way of commission alone.

If bank commission is paid, nothing is left of the cheque.
The book was sent to you in good faith at old price and I had requested you in my letter to send the money by M. O.
It will be a little inconvenience to you but there is no other way to make payment.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Shri N. Balakrishnan, AMIE
J 93, P&T.Qrs,
40 V. M. Street,
Reply declining

Mr. and Mrs. Sharma regret that owing to a previous engagement, they are unable to accept Mr. and Mrs. Velji's kind invitation to tea on Friday, March 12, 1977
12, Sardar Street,
Thursday, March11, 1977
Formal Invitation to an At Home
Note: - Usually the invitations for an At Home are available in printed form and the names of people concerned are filled in. It is best, however, to get the invitations printed for the occasion. Purchasing readymade stuff suggests stinginess.
Mrs. Chopa,
At Home
Tuesday, January 12, 1977
3-30 to5-30 P.M.
3, Wall Street,
Formal Acceptance
Mr.will be pleased to meet Mrs. Chopra on an At Home on Tuesday, January 12, 1977 between 3-30 and 5-30 P.M.
Formal Refusal
Mr.regrets his inability to meet Mrs. Chopra on an At Home on Tuesday, January 12, 1977 owing to a previous engagement.
4, Clive Street,
Formal invitation to a christening ceremony
Mr. And Mrs. Jyotishi requests the pleasure of Mr. And Mrs. Kashyap’s company at 3-Jahangir Road, New Delhi at 10 A. M. on Sunday. February 2, 1977 on the occasion of christening their son.

Reply Accepting

Mr. and Mrs. Kashyap have much pleasure in accepting Mr. and Mrs. Jyotishi’s kind invitation to the Christening ceremony of their son at 10 A. M. on Sunday, February 2, 1977.
3, Jantar Mantar Road,
New Delhi.
Reply Refusing

Mr. And Mrs. Kashyap regrets their inability to be present at the Christening ceremony of the son of Mr. And Mrs. Kashyap on February 2, 1977.
3, jantar Mantar Road,
New Delhi.
Invitation to Tea
Mrs. Rehman will be pleased if Miss Kamla Dhawan would have tea with her on Saturday afternoon, at half past four.
22, George Street,
Reply Accepting
Miss Kamla Dhawan accepts with much pleasure Mrs. Rehman’s kind invitations to tea on Saturday afternoon at half past four.
9, Montgomery Road,
Reply Refusing
Miss Kamla Dhawan regrets that a previous engagement prevents her accepting Mrs. Rehmans kind invitation to tea in Saturday afternoon.
9, Montgomery Road,
Forwarding a Small Gift
Mr. Banvasi, with kind regards to Mr. Shambhu Dayal, requests acceptance of the small basket of mangoes forwarded herewith.
Hanover Cottage, Bamadih,
Monday, August 6, 1977
Mrs. Shambhu Dayal begs to acknowledge with many thanks Mr. Banvase’s kind present of the basket of mangoes which reached him this afternoon.
Monday, August 13, 1977
Expressing Sympathy on illness
Mr. Rashid is very sorry to hear of the indisposition of Kailash Mr. Barwa’s son and is anxious to know how he is at this time.
November, 2, 1977
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