Modals of Advice 1 - Should, Ought to, Had Better

Choose the best modal for each sentence.
Click on the box beside the best answer.

  1. I'm going to visit your country. Where _______________ if I want to go shopping?
    1.   should I go
    2.   ought to I go
    3.   I should go
  2. A: I think that the grade my teacher gave me on my test is wrong.
    B: Really? You ______________ to her after class today.
    1.   ought to talk
    2.   should to talk
    3.   ought talk
  3. I need help, doctor. My baby doesn't sleep well. What ________________ ?
    1.   I should do
    2.   should I do
    3.   had I better do
  4. The airline only allows two pieces of luggage. You _________________ pack too much or you will have to take it out at the airport!
    1.   had better not
    2.   had not better
    3.   better not
  5. My mother isn't feeling well, so I told her that she _______________ to the doctor.
    1.   ought
    2.   ought to go
    3.   ought go
  6. Dave loves chocolate, but he _________________ too much or he will get fat.
    1.   shouldn't eat
    2.   should eat
    3.   should eat not
  7. A: I'm so hot.
    B: You _________________ your coat!
    1.   should take off
    2.   should put on
    3.   should to take off
  8. It's raining and I don't want to get my dress wet. I _________________ an umbrella.
    1.   had better not bring
    2.   had better to bring
    3.   had better bring
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