Third Conditional 2

Choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.

Click on the button beside the correct answer.

  1. I wonder how things would have been different ____________________
    1.   if Edison didn't invent the electric light.
    2.   if Edison would not have invented the electric light.
    3.   if Edison had not invented the electric light.
  2. If the driver had not been going too fast, ____________________
    1.   he might avoid hitting the other car.
    2.   he should have avoided hitting the other car.
    3.   he might have avoided hitting the other car.
  3. If the table had not been so heavy, ____________________
    1.   I could have moved it by myself.
    2.   I would move it by myself.
    3.   I will move it by myself.
  4. If there had not been a witness to the robbery, ____________________
    1.   the police might not catch the robber.
    2.   the police would have caught the robber.
    3.   the police might not have caught the robber.
  5. If we had arrived at the station a few minutes later, ____________________
    1.   we would have missed our train.
    2.   we have missed our train.
    3.   we will miss our train.
  6. He might not have lost his money ____________________
    1.   if he had not invested it unwisely.
    2.   if he would not have invested it unwisely.
    3.   if he were to invest it wisely.
  7. If last week's winner had not purchased a lottery ticket, ____________________
    1.   he would have been a millionaire.
    2.   he might not be a millionaire now.
    3.   he wouldn't be a millionaire now.
  8. If I had practiced more, ____________________
    1.   I should have played better.
    2.   I could have played better.
    3.   I will play better.
  9. If I had not had the support of my friends, ____________________
    1.   I don't know what I would do.
    2.   I don't know what to do.
    3.   I don't know what I would have done.
  10. If the fire department had not responded so quickly, ____________________
    1.   The house will have burned down.
    2.   the house could have burned down.
    3.   the house would burn down.