Third Conditional 1

Choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.

Click on the button beside the correct answer.

  1. If you had edited your essay before handing it in, ____________________
    1.   you made so many mistakes.
    2.   you wouldn't have made so many mistakes.
    3.   you wouldn't make so many mistakes.
  2. If you had not found that missing file, ____________________
    1.   the company might not have lost a lot of money.
    2.   the company lost a lot of money.
    3.   the company might have lost a lot of money.
  3. If the government had eliminated the deficit, ____________________
    1.   our taxes would have been reduced.
    2.   our taxes could be reduced.
    3.   our taxes will have been reduced.
  4. There probably would have been more casualties ____________________
    1.   if people at the scene had not stayed calm.
    2.   if people at the scene were calm.
    3.   if people at the scene had stayed calm.
  5. If I had gone to university, ____________________
    1.   I have studied medicine.
    2.   I would have studied medicine.
    3.   I would study medicine.
  6. If innovative musicians like Buddy Holly and Jimi Hendrix had not died so young, ____________________
    1.   I wonder what will the music scene be like today.
    2.   I wonder what the music scene would be like today.
    3.   I wonder what the music scene is like today.
  7. If I had known more details about the position, ____________________
    1.   I could have done better at the interview.
    2.   I would do better at the interview.
    3.   I did better at the interview.
  8. If the paramedics had not arrived so quickly, ____________________
    1.   the accident victim might not have survived.
    2.   the accident victim might have survived.
    3.   the accident victim didn't survive.
  9. Had she not topped the list of hopeful job candidates, ____________________
    1.   we would not offer her the position.
    2.   we didn't offer her the position.
    3.   we would not have offered her the position.
  10. If we had not shopped for so long, ____________________
    1.   we had been home by now.
    2.   we have been home by now.
    3.   we could have been home by now.