Reported Speech 1

Choose the correct answer for each sentence.

Click on the button beside the correct answer.

  1. Greg: "I know what the assignment is."
    Greg said _______________.
    1.   that he knew what the assignment was
    2.   that he knows what was the assignment
    3.   that he knew what was to be the assignment
    4.   that he knows what is the assignment
  2. Peter: "The weather is warmer than usual."
    Byron: Peter said _______________.
    1.   the weather be warmer than usual
    2.   the weather it is warmer than usual
    3.   that the weather warmer than usual
    4.   the weather was warmer than usual
  3. Cathy: "I have a cat.”
    Greg: Cathy just said _______________.
    1.   that she had before a cat
    2.   that she have a cat
    3.   that she been having a cat
    4.   that she has a cat
  4. Byron: "I can't swim."
    Byron said _______________.
    1.   he can not swim
    2.   he couldn't swim
    3.   he had not swim
    4.   he can't to swim
  5. Chris: "Robin will be arriving on Saturday."
    Chris said _______________.
    1.   Robin arrive on Saturday
    2.   Robin arriving on Saturday
    3.   Robin had arrive on Saturday
    4.   Robin would be arriving on Saturday
  6. Cameron: "I have missed the bus, but I'll catch the next one."
    Cameron said _______________.
    1.   he has missed the bus but was catching the next time
    2.   he has missed the bus but he catches the next one
    3.   he had missed the bus, but would catch the next one
    4.   he has missed the bus but can caught the next one
  7. Sherri and Dan: "We enjoyed the concert."
    Sherri and Dan told us _______________.
    1.   that enjoyed the concert
    2.   they can be enjoy the concert
    3.   they enjoyed the concert
    4.   that they enjoying the concert
  8. Ruby: "I go to school every day."
    Ruby said _______________.
    1.   that she goes to school every day
    2.   that she could go school every day
    3.   that she go each day to school
    4.   that she went to school next month
  9. Byron: "I don’t know what Dan said."
    Byron stated _______________.
    1.   that he didn't know what he said
    2.   that he didn't know what he did said
    3.   that he didn't know what he say
    4.   that he didn't know what he did say
  10. Travel agent: "I think the train will be on time."
    The travel agent said _______________.
    1.   that she thinks the train would going to be on time
    2.   that she thought the train would be on time
    3.   that she thinks the train to be on time
    4.   that she thinks will be the train on time