Making Reduced Adjective Clauses

Rewrite each sentence using a reduced adjective clause.

Type the best answer in the blank.

  1. Bread which is made today won't be as fresh tomorrow.

  2. The Coca Cola Company, which was started in 1886, is still very successful.

  3. I talked to the people who will do the exam next week.

  4. Who's the guy who's playing tennis with her?

  5. Canada, which is located north of the USA, is a little bigger and much colder.

  6. Students who want to study here this September must apply before July.

  7. I'd like something that contains less sugar, please.

  8. The people who were hired last month had to take a training course this month.

  9. Toronto, which is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario, is the largest city in Canada.

  10. Cars that need serious repairs will not be allowed on the road.