Defining Adjective Clauses - General

For each sentence, find the defining adjective clause in the sentence and type it into the box.
Type the answer in the blank and then click on "Check".

  1. I've never used a photo editing software which I like as much as this one.

  2. He's the person who offered me the job.

  3. Here's a picture of the house we looked at before we came to your place.

  4. The book I bought was more expensive than yours.

  5. I've never worked for a company where there were more men than women.

  6. This is the laptop that I told you about.

  7. I don't like it very much now, but it's the place where I grew up.

  8. They live in a town that has a lot of old houses and gardens, but I think they'd be happier in a big, modern city.

  9. Brian's the guy whose sister got married to the big company director with the house in the country.

  10. I put all the food that wasn't eaten into the fridge.