Why to take IELTS? IELTS Test Pattern

IELTS exam is to help the universities to evaluate the language skills(English)of the applicants. These days most of the US Universities are accepting IELTS score as an alternative to TOEFL test.

There are two formats

Applicants to US universities.

. You have to mention this as ‘Academic’ when you are registering for the test.

IELTS Test Format

There are four sections in the Academic IELTS Test. Total Test Time: 2hr 45min (Depending upon test center speaking test may take place up to 7 days before or after the test date)





4 Section / 40 Questions

30 minutes

Academic Reading

3 Section / 40 Questions

60 minutes

Academic Writing

2 Tasks(150-250 words)

60 minutes


11 – 14 minutes

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