IELTS Listening


The IELTS Listening Test is the same for the Academic and General Training modules.

The candidates will listen to an audio and answer a series of questions. The audio will be played ONCE only. The Listening test is in four sections with 10 questions in each (ie: a total of 40 questions) and will last for about 30 minutes with an extra 10 minutes at the end to transfer answers to the answer sheet.
A variety of question types is used in the Listening Test. Questions types that you will see will usually come from the following list:

  • multiple choice
  • short answer
  • sentence completion
  • notes/diagram/flow chart completion

IELTS Listening :

The variety of question types means that you sometimes need to write in the answer in your own writing, versus simply choosing the right answer. This is important because in such cases, you also need to spell correctly or the answer will be marked wrong. Even a small error can cause you to lose marks. For example, if the answer is "horse"; and you write "horses", it may be marked wrong.

You also have to make sure you include the correct information. If the answer is "Horse" and you write only "Horses", you may also lose points.

You will get a better sense of how precise you need to be by taking proper training and do many practice listening exams as possible before your actual test. Believe it or not, you will improve with training and practice, though it might seem impossible at first. Your ear and your concentration can be trained. Over time, you will improve but only if you remain patient and move steadily towards your goal of the highest score possible

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