United Kingdom has become an important destination lately for many immigrants and students moving to UK. As an Immigration Consultant IELTSguru consulting offers the clients full range of visa services that suits the requirement towards obtaining respective visas while applying for a visa to United Kingdom. UK Immigration has introduced a number of new UK immigration categories in the last few years. The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) to find an eligibility to process works on points based.

About half the population increase between the 1991 and 2001 censuses was due to foreign-born immigration. 4.9 million people (8.3 percent of the population at the time) were born abroad, although the census gives no indication of their immigration status or intended length of stay.

Provisional figures show that in 2009, 567,000 people arrived to live in the UK whilst 371,000 left, meaning that net inward migration was 196,000. The number of people immigrating to and emigrating from the UK both fell between 2008 and 2009. The largest groups of people granted British citizenship were from India, Pakistan, Somalia and the Philippines. In 2006, 134,430 people were granted settlement in the UK, a drop of 25 per cent on 2005.

Immigration to and from Central and Eastern Europe has increased since 2004 with the accession to the European Union of eight Central and Eastern European states, since there is free movement of labour within the EU. The UK government is currently phasing in a new points-based immigration system for people from outside of the European Economic Area.

Recently, the UK immigration system has been completely overhauled with old immigration routes made redundant and a new points based immigration system introduced. The new system for UK immigration consists of five new tiers that are open to all citizens outside of the EU. The Highly skilled immigration category was introduced in January 2002 and has been very successful. Later on, a newly introduced five-tier points based system - Tier 1 (General) has replaced the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) and it includes all work, study, and training immigration routes into UK.

Applicants seeking extensions to their HSMP visa are required to extend their leave to remain under Tier 1 (General) for General Highly Skilled Migrants. United Kingdom is amongst the most popular and preferred European Union (EU) Immigration destinations, consequently magnetizing thousands of immigrants from all over the world. With its popularity, comes our expertise in catering to our ever-mounting UK client base with absolute adeptness.

With the introduction of the points based system, immigration to UK has been managed better, thanks to a new system to cope with the demand for skilled labour shortages. Immigrants who can demonstrate they possess certain skills that cannot be found in certain areas are understandably much sought after in UK. Skilled workers from outside the EU whose jobs are on the Critical Skills Shortlist are especially attractive to the UK and will find their application for a UK visa will be looked upon more favourably towards obtaining their visa and we at IELTSguru consulting assist clients for their UK visa.

Skills such as engineering, teaching, doctors and nurses are currently in demand and are required in the United Kingdom. The country is open to young people who might not already possess the skills and experience but would like to visit all the same. The Youth Mobility Scheme is one such scheme targeted at 18-30 year olds. The UK visa is open for two years and entitles the holder to work for up to one year and this is the best time to apply.