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Overview of the different topics for the IELTS essay writing.

Are you planning to take the IELTS test? Then, you have made a great choice. The IELTS test open doors for success. It is a globally accepted test in over 10,000 organisations and the popularity is growing with each...

IELTS writing answer sheet – Explained

Although there are several tests for knowing your level of proficiency in English language, the IELTS test holds a special place among them. It is the International English language testing system, which is conducted jointly by the Cambridge University,...
ielts academic writing task 1 combinations

IELTS academic writing Combinations Question Type

IELTS academic writing Combinations Question Type In task 1 of the academic writing test, combinations are frequently seen. Writing a report based on these combinations is quite important to practice before attempting the main test. In this short article, we...



Different question types in the IELTS academic writing test

Planning to study in a foreign country? Do you want to take the IELTS Academic writing test for that? Do not know how to...