Which is the better Exam – IELTS and PTE?

which is better IELTS or PTE

There are several English language tests which make you eligible for migrating to an English speaking country. Of the many tests that are available, the two very important ones are the IELTS and PTE. These are very standard and accurate tests which measure your level of proficiency in being able to use the English language proficiency. You must be having several doubts in your mind.

1. What exactly is the IELTS test and what is the difference between the IELTS test and the PTE test ?

2. Which test is better between the IELTS and PTE?

3. Which is the right test for you –  IELTS and PTE?

In this article, we are going to understand the format and the importance of both these tests and you can decide which one is the best test for you according to your preference.

What is the IELTS test?

The international English language testing system popularly known as the IELTS test is test of measuring the candidates proficiency to be able to use the English language flawlessly in order to survive in an English speaking country. It is accepted by over 9000 organisations worldwide and by many famous colleges and Universities in many countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and so on.

The IELTS test is basically written for the purpose of global migration to an English speaking country for the purpose of pursuing one’s higher education in such a country where English is the primary method of training. On the basis of the purpose why the test is written for,  there are two different variants of the test which are called modules.

1. The IELTS academic module

2. The IELTS general  module.

What is the PTE test?

Similar to the IELTS test, the PTE test also is your performance in being able to use English language without any noticeable effort. There are various reasons for taking this test, but the main one remains to be for the purpose of education in several countries, mainly Australia and New Zealand. There is one standard format of the test which is referred to as the PTE academic test. Earlier,  the general version of this test was present.

What is the format of the IELTS test?

The IELTS test is divided into 4 different parts and this parts are

1. The IELTS listening test – this is the first part of the test. A total of 40 questions will be given, and you will get approximately 40 minutes of time to complete this. In addition to 30 minutes of listening, 10 minutes of time will be given to transfer the answers from the question paper into the IELTS listening answer sheet. Four sections will be there in the test.

2. The IELTS reading test – Once the listening test is completed, the candidates will start the reading test in which 40 questions are there are divided into three passages for 3 reading comprehensions. One mark will be awarded for each correct answer that is right, and there is no negative marking in the test. This rule of negative marking applies for the IELTS listening test as well.

3. The IELTS writing test: There are two tasks in the writing test. 60 minutes of time is given to finish the writing test. Based on some factors called band descriptors, you will get a score ranging from 1 to 9 band.

4. The IELTS speaking test: This is the part of the test which is conducted on a different date which is before or after the other sections of the text. The approximate test time is 11 to 14 minutes. There are three parts in the speaking test. The topics for speaking are very much general and common ones. The test is similar face to face interview with an examiner.

There are two modes of taking the IELTS test. The first mode is called the paper based IELTS test, and the second one is the IELTS computer delivered test. Regardless of whether the test is taken on the system or in the offline mode on a paper, the speaking test remains to be with an examiner. The difference is in the number of ways in which the results are released. While the time for the release of the reasons is 13 days after the test for the paper based test, it is much faster in the case of the computer delivered test ( 5-7 days).

Talking about the PTE test format, there are four sections in this test as well.

1. Listening

2. Reading

3. Writing

4. Speaking.

In this test, the speaking and writing components are grouped together into one part of the test, which is followed by the listening test and the reading test respectively.

There is just one way of taking the test which is the online method. In this test all the four parts of the test are conducted virtually. There are various types of questions which can be asked in the PTE test. In fact, the test totally contains 20 different types of questions.

In the speaking test, you should introduce yourself briefly, which is followed by retell a lecture, reading aloud, repeating sentences, describe images, and answer short questions.

In the writing test, you have to write an essay and summarise written text. There may be one or two text given to summarise.

The reading part of the test mainly contains 5 question types.

1. Multiple choice question- single option selection.

2. Multiple choice questions – multiple option selection.

3. Reorder paragraphs.

4. Fill in the blanks.

5. Reading and writing – fill in the blanks.

The final section in the test is the listening test. There are various question types which we can see in the test.

1. Summarize spoken text.

2. Multiple choice, choose multiple answer.

3. Fill in the blanks.

4. Highlight correct summary.

5. Multiple choice, choose single answer.

6. Select missing word.

7. Highlight incorrect words.

8. Write from dictation.

All the four parts of the test are completed on the same day.  The results are released within three days in the PTE test. These results are accepted in all the universities in Australia.

Depending on the country where you prefer to migrate or study,  you may choose the IELTS or PTE test.


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