IELTS for Canada Immigration

ielts for Canada immigration

IELTS for Canada Immigration

For all those prospective immigrants who wants to migrate and settle in Canada, this article is going to be of an immense help.For all those prospective immigrants who wants to migrate and settle in Canada, this article is going to be of an immense help. We shall understand some very important concepts relating to the immigration process and how the IELTS test plays an important role in this.

  So what is the IELTS test?The IELTS is basically an assessment which tests your ability to use the English language when you immigrate to Canada. As it is clearly understandable, moving to Canada can definitely be made much easier with the IELTS test. In short, the IELTS General module is a requirement for immigration to Canada.   

  Let us know understand briefly what are the steps involved in the Canadian immigration process.    

1. First you have to satisfy the basic requirement pertaining to the language as English and French which are the two popular spoken languages in Canada. This standard requirement is set by the Canadian Government and has to be satisfied by all the people want to immigrate there. We are going to talk about this in detail now.  

  2. The next important step in the process is establish the details about your study in your home country. This is done by various organisations such as the WES.   

3. There is an online portal for the Government of Canada on which all the prospective immigrants should register and create a profile. 

4. There are several forms to be filled and uploaded along with your personal data and your educational qualification which includes the IELTS score.

  5. In the process of Canadian immigration,  there are principal applicants who are otherwise called the primary applicants. In the IELTS test, this principal applicant has to attain a score of 8,7,7,7 in the listening, reading,  writing, and speaking tests respectively. 

  6. Once you have given your IELTS test, it takes 13 days for the results to be released, and based on the result, you may proceed with your Canadian immigration process or you may have to take the IELTS test once again. It is true that if you perform well and get your desired score in the first attempt itself, a lot of time and the resources would be saved.

  7. Once this process along with verification of your credentials is done, proceed by submitting an online application. 

8. Depending on what is called the CRS score you will get an invitation to apply. From where the process of immigration would continue.

Now what is the role played by the IELTS for the Canada immigration process?Among the various steps that are required for the Canadian immigration, the IELTS test plays a vital and a major role. The importance of the test score that you get in the IELTS exam cannot be overlooked if you are looking to immigrate very soon. 

    This statement is to be believed because of several reasons.1. It is strange, but there are many people who are looking to get this magical score of 8,7,7,7 in their IELTS test in the first attempt itself. However, because of certain defects in the preparation of performance on the main exam day, they are unable to crack this and get the desired score. As a result of this, they have to go through the whole process of taking the IELTS test once again.

    The second factor to consider here is the time that has been wasted in the process. Usually, it would take any between 1 month and 45 days to complete the whole process of preparing for the IELTS test and writing the exam as well.  Moreover, it would take 13 days to get the results. All in all, this whole process of English proficiency test is going to take up two months of your time. 

    In some other unavoidable cases, the candidates would also opt for revaluation on the test results. This is called enquiry on the results. In short, this is called eor. This is basically a second chance for you to recheck the results. If you think that you have performed really well in one or more than one modules of IELTS test and everything that you could have gotten a better score, then you could approach the British Council or the idp by filling the form for the enquiry on results. 

It costs around 6500 rupees for the revaluation of one part of the IELTS test. The approximate time taken for giving the results is 21 days. 

In fact, there are various reasons to score a lesser band in the IELTS test.

1. Not focusing on the right strategies.
2. Avoiding preparation for some question types.
3. Unable to manage the time in the main exam.
4. Repetition of vocabulary.
5. Expressing the idea in Simple sentences only.
6. Lack of awareness about the format of the test.
7. Not answering all the tasks in the writing test completely.
8. Deviating from the central theme from what is given in the question prompt. 
9. Writing too many spelling mistakes.
10. Unable to differentiate between singular noun and plural noun.
11. Memorizing the responses.
12. Writing in an illegible way.
13. Not following the pattern that is given in the band descriptors.
14. Using the tone that is not very formal.
15. Unable to complete the given paper within the time frame.
16. Lack of adequate practice and preparation.
17. Not working on improving your weak areas.
18. Not understanding and interpreting the question.
19. Not ensuring that your writing the minimum number of words in the writing section.

So, all of these factors would be contributing to lower your score in the IELTS exam. Primarily, you should understand that the IELTS is not just any other English proficiency test, but it is testing your standard of communication. As such,  the passages that you read in the reading test more or less standard conversations and information what you get to see in Canada.  

Similarly, in the listening test   too,  the discussions but you get hear are based on routine,  everyday conversations. Moreover, the question that is given for the letter as well as for the essay is also a general topic which you might encounter in Canada. Finally, the speaking test is also based on real life events. Hence, it can be said that the IELTS test is very essential for Canadian Immigration process.




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