How long should you wait for the IELTS Test Result?

ielts test result

Waiting eagerly for getting your IELTS test results can be frustrating sometimes. And if you are not aware of how to check your results and how long to wait for the results to be released,  then the situation is different altogether. So,  in this article,  we shall understand the proper,  specific timelines for the IELTS test and how long you should wait before you can view your test results. 

First, let us know how the IELTS test is conducted and let us get to understand how it is scored The IELTS test is an exam that tests your proficiency in the English language, and how fluently you can communicate using the language without making any noticeable efforts. If you can prove this in all the four parts of the test,  then you will surely get a very good score.  

The test is taken for various reasons, but the top two reasons would be for education in a foreign country where English is widely spoken and is the primary language for communicating.  The second reason is for migrating to an English speaking country.

 Accordingly,  there are two modules in the IELTS test.1. The IELTS academic test 2. The IELTS general training test. The IELTS academic test is mainly taken for the purpose of education by the students,  and the IELTS general training test is a requirement for migration to various countries through out the world. 

There are four parts in the IELTS test, like 1. The listening test 2. The reading test 3. The writing test and 4. The speaking test 
There is no difference in the listening and the speaking tests whether you are going to attempt the IELTS academic test or the IELTS general training test.  On the other hand, the IELTS writing and the reading tests are different depending on the modules that you are taking. 

Results of the IELTS test Before discussing about the results, you should know one very important thing.  The number of days that it would take to release the results depends entirely on which mode of test you are opting for.  Wondering what this is?  Let us know. 

You should know that the IELTS test can be either taken on a paper or through the online mode of testing. Based on this, the test is of two types. 1. The IELTS paper based test and 2. The IELTS computer delivered test,  which is also known as the IELTS computer based exam. 

If you opt for the IELTS paper based test,  then you should the first three tests,  listening,  reading and writing on separate answer sheets which are designated for each test. For the speaking test,  you would not require anything to be write. A rough paper and a pencil will be provided to you. 

In contrast to the paper based test,  if you choose to take the computer delivered IELTS test,  then you should type the responses in the writing. 

Now, coming to the topic of the test results, the number of days taken to reveal the results will be different.  For the IELTS paper based test,  the results can be viewed online on the thirteenth day after the LRW test.  This has nothing to do with the speaking test. 
Results for the paper based IELTS test In the case of the IELTS paper based test,  it will take thirteen days to release the results,  because

 1. The writing test needs to be evaluated manually.  As the exam is taken on a paper,  electronic method of correction is not possible.  Hence, several experienced evaluators are given the responsibility to correct each and every answer sheet properly using the criteria mentioned in the band descriptors – task response,  lexical resource,  coherence and cohesion, and grammatical range and accuracy.

 If it is task 1,  then instead of task response,  there is another factor called task achievement.The evaluator will check your essays,  reports (or letters in the case of general training test)  and give a band score out of 9.0.

2. The results of the speaking test needs to be given after proper evaluation Just like the IELTS writing test,  the IELTS speaking test has to be manually evaluated,  as it happens with a real examiner and not online.  Hence,  based on the four band descriptors – fluency and coherence, pronunciation,  lexical resource, and grammatical range and accuracy,  the band score needs to be given after thorough evaluation.

However,  this fact remains the same whether it is the IELTS paper based test or the IELTS computer delivered test. The speaking test is not changed.

3. The correction of the IELTS listening and the IELTS reading answer sheets If you carefully observe the IELTS listening and reading answer sheets? Have you noticed that there is a small column beside every answer which shows a symbol for correct answers and incorrect answers?  Yes! That is the main point here.

  Have you observed that there is a small rectangular box below these symbols?  That is where the person who corrects your answer sheet has to shade the box depending on whether you have written the correct answer or not. After this,  the total score should be calculated.

 Of course, there is no negative marking in the test.  So,  for every correct answer, you will get one mark. Then, the score has to be compared with ths band score table and then the appropriate band score is given. This is the process for both the listening and the reading tests.

Considering all these factors, it will take thirteenth days to give the results to view online. However, if you take the computer delivered IELTS test,  then there is an advantage.The results will be released on the fifth day in most cases But it can take anywhere between five and seven calendar days to see the results. This is an added benefit. 
If you are satisfied with the result (the overall band score), then the process ends there.

However, in case you feel that you deserve to get a higher score,  then you may apply for an enquiry on the results (EOR). This is the revaluation process which has a separate procedure. 


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