SAT Math

SAT Math

Tips for the Day of the SAT Math Test

Preparing for the actual day of the test is important for those who want to do well on the SAT. One of the biggest factors that most people face when taking the SAT math portion is the actual stress before the test even starts. Learning how to recognize and deal with this pre-test stress is an important part of getting a great score on the SAT math section. The test makers know they have stress working for them which makes their tricky questions even trickier.

From panic attacks to hormones getting out of whack, there are a lot of ways physical aspects of the body can cause a person to get a lower score than they normally would when taking the SAT under the best of conditions. Because of this, learning how to deal with stress before the test is a great way to increase the overall score. While a lot of stress is because of physical things that are out of the control of most people, there are techniques and tips that can help. Beyond studying and prepping for taking the SAT, we have some additional tips to help students deal with stress.

Checklist for SAT Math Test

Don't Panic - Staying calm is of utmost importance when taking the SAT. Knowing when to skip a problem instead of starting to sweat over it is important for keeping a person's overall stress level down. Staying calm, cool and collected during the test enables a person to make sure they don't make careless mistakes, which are quite common when dealing with the SAT questions.

Do NOT Cram - Cramming the night before - instead of getting rest and sleep - can do more harm than good. While this may not seem correct, enough studies have been done to show that getting enough rest and not cramming the night before can actually help a person improve their SAT score. Because of this, it is important for a person to get their mind off the test the night before. Whether this means watching movies or playing video games or reading, something should be done to not think about the SAT and the test the next day. Having said that, going to get and getting a good night of sleep is important.

Get Good Sleep - As mentioned, making sure a person gets a full night of uninterrupted sleep is important when taking the SAT. Because the test makers try to trick those taking the test, those who are half-asleep or not well rested will be more prone to making mistakes. While getting enough sleep is important for many reasons, the next tip is also crucial for those who want to do the best they can on the SAT math section.

Get Up Early - If a person wakes up less than an hour before the test and rushes to take it, there is a good chance they will make simple mistakes that could be avoided. A person needs to make sure they give their mind enough time to "wake up" in the morning so that they are at their best when taking the test. This tip goes along with the next one as well - eating right. Have a Good Meal - Eating a good, healthy meal - and having enough time to eat it and enjoy it - can go a long way in helping make sure a person is calm and able to take the SAT test to the best of their ability. Another good idea is to bring a snack to the test. During a break, a boost can be just what a person needs to be more mentally alert when answering questions that were designed to be confusing. An energy bar can be a great way to get a boost during a break on the test.

Utilize Breaks Given - While some may think that not taking a break is a good idea, there are many ways that taking a break from a test can help a person do better. While breaks may seem like a short amount of time, it can be just what a body and mind needs to energize and prepare for the next section of the test, whatever it might be. Learning how to stay calm and relax during a break is also important.

Prepare the Night Before - From pencils to calculator to what is going to be worn the day of the test to what is going to be had for breakfast, the more a person prepares for a test the night before. By doing this, a person can make sure they have very little to stress out about the day of the test. This can go a long way in helping them prepare mentally for the grueling work ahead.

Getting a high score on the SAT math section is not easy and takes everything for a person to do well.

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